Understanding Worship


Worship is giving ourselves to God


A model ship and the word WORSHIP written in large letters on ½ sheet of poster board


"Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship.” Romans 12:1b (ESV)

Worship is something we do when we come to church. I’m sure you’ve heard the pastor or worship leader say, “Today we’ve come to worship the Lord.” And probably you’ve sung the song “Come Now is the Time to Worship.” But do you know what “Worship” is? Any ideas? (give some time to hear ideas)

Look at the word WORSHIP. I see in this word a way to help us remember what worship means. Do you see the word “Ship” in WORSHIP? That’s why I brought this model ship. Today I want you to think of worship in this way -- We Offer R SHIP to God. The verse for today says, "Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship.”

This model ship represents each one of you and all the mothers, dads and friends out in the sanctuary. Some of you might become big ships like ocean liners, others of you will be like cruise ships and others like yachts, or cabin boats or motor boats. We all have different functions and different ways of serving God out in the sea of life. But every ship, whether large or small, won’t go anywhere without fuel in its tank. You can scrub up your ship or decorate it or even pour sweet syrup in the tank, but nothing will substitute for fuel. Without the proper fuel all that will happen is that the ship will float aimlessly in the sea or it will be tossed around by the waves. It needs fuel and a pilot in order to function as it has been designed to.

We are the ships and when we come to church to worship we are offering our ships to God. We Offer R SHIPs. That’s what the Scripture means, “Present your bodies … to God which is your spiritual worship.” When we come to worship we also get fuel in our tanks so that we won’t just float with the crowd or drift on the waves of popularity. And when we allow Jesus to be the pilot of our ship then we’ll go in the right direction and we’ll make the right decisions that keep us from shipwreck and disaster.

So worship is offering our ships (ourselves) to God and we do when we come here to pray, sing, and listen to God’s Word and to the message. And God fills us up!

Prayer: Dear Father thank you for making it possible for each child to be in worship today. Thank you for the parents, friends, Sunday school. teachers, for whoever made it possible for these children to worship in church today. Help all of us to offer everything we have to you and we ask that you fill us with strength to live pleasing lives to you this week. In the name of Jesus our pilot we pray, Amen.