Temptation Of Jesus Group
Actividades del grupo

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Temptation of Jesus"

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 4:1-11

TEMPTATION BALLS: Give each child an empty paper towel roll and some Styrofoam balls. The child will use the paper towel roll to try to hit the balls into a large garbage pail that has a sign on it which says GOD'S WORD. Count the balls in the pail after each child's turn to see how many "temptation balls" the child got taken care of by GOD's WORD!

BIBLE VERSE BOOKMARKS: Bring strips of construction paper or let the children cut them out (depending on the age of the children) to make bookmarks. Write Psalm 119:11 on the bookmarks. The children will decorate the bookmarks using glitter, crayons, or anything you want! Make it fun. Tell the kids they can use the bookmarks as a reminder to quote Scripture verses when they are tempted. They may want to make more for friends and family members. They can also write other verses they know on them.

TEMPTATION PANTOMIME: A child or a group of children will perform a pantomime representing a temptation for the rest of the class to try to guess. When the child's pantomime is guessed correctly, the child will then hold up a sign that says, GOD'S WORD, to let children know that every temptation that is guessed can be handled by GOD's WORD every day!

POPCORN KNOCK DOWN: Fill a glass with water and give the children popcorn to throw at the glass to try to knock it over. (Make sure the children stand back far enough so that the glass of water will not tip over.) Tell the children that the popcorn represents TEMPTATION and the glass of water represents GOD'S WORD. Explain to the children that the Word of God is stronger than any temptation we might face.

TEMPTATION BANNER: Give each child a long piece of paper and some markers. The children will first draw a STONE and write words for that temptation on or around the stone. Then children will draw an outline of a TEMPLE and write some words from that temptation. Then children can draw some MOUNTAINS under that STONE area, and write the words for that temptation on the mountains. Make sure the children write Jesus' answer from scripture for each temptation.

BIBLE WALKING: Let the children take turns leading the class in a BIBLE WALK around a designated area. Each child should be carrying a Bible up over his/her head during the WALK!! The children should echo the walking leader's words as they're shouted out as a cadence. For example: WE CAN (WE CAN) RESIST (RESIST) TEMPTATION (TEMPTATION) WITH GOD'S WORD (WITH GOD'S WORD). Make it a "beat" for children to march to. If you wish, change the leader for the BIBLE WALKIN' until everyone has had an opportunity to lead.

MAKE ME LAUGH GAME: One person is chosen to sit in the middle of a circle and try not to laugh while everyone else does silly things to try to make the person to laugh. No one is allowed to touch the person. If the person starts laughing, someone else is chosen to try. When you are ready to end the game, ask the children if it was difficult not to laugh even when they really wanted to. Remind students that it is difficult to resist temptation, but with God’s help, we can do it.

RESIST THE DEVIL CHALK TALK: The teacher can write or draw a picture that represents a temptation on the chalk board. Let a child come to the board with chalk and write what the BIBLE says about that temptation. OR as another option, the children can take turns drawing a temptation on the chalkboard and the teacher can tell the children what GOD's Word says about that temptation and how to RESIST THE DEVIL. Gather in a circle and pray together to resist the devil when he tries to lead us astray.

GRAHAM CRACKER BIBLE SNACK: Give each child 2 Graham cracker squares which they will stick together with white marshmallow cream and frost with chocolate icing to look like a Bible. Use a toothpick to write HOLY BIBLE on the front or give children a tube of white decorator gel to write those words. This will be their snack for today's lesson!

Song:  "This Little Light of Mine"

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Song:  "The B-I-B-L-E" - Composer Unknown

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