Feeding The 5000

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Feeding The 5000 countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Matthew 14:13-21 and how Jesus performs miracles, teaching us that little becomes much in God's hands.

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Quiz questions:

1. What did the disciples want Jesus to do to the huge crowd that had followed them?

A. Keep them there, B. Send them away, C. Shoo them

2. How many loaves of bread did the disciples start with?

A. Two, B. Five, C. Seven

3. How many fish did the disciples start with?

A. Five, B. Ten, C. Two 

4. What did Jesus do with the loaves and fishes?

A. Returned them, B. Broke them, C. Blessed them

5. What did Jesus tell the disciples to do with the loaves and fishes?

A. Pray over them, B. Eat them, C. Distribute them

6. How many people were fed?

A. Five hundred, B. Five thousand, C. Five Million 

7. Where did Jesus sit while the disciples served the people?

A. On a boat, B. On a hill, C. On the ground 

8. How many baskets of leftovers were gathered?

A. Two, B. Twelve, C. None

9. Why did Jesus take time to bless the food?

A. To show His power, B. To praise God, C. To thank His disciples

10. What did the people feel after the meal?

A. Anxious, B. Grateful, C. Humiliated

Tiempo: 3:00