Who Is the Greatest

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Who Is the Greatest countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Mark 9:35-37 and teaches that true greatness comes in serving others.

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Quiz questions:

1. After Jesus left the mountain, what was the destination of the disciples?

A. Nazareth  B. Jerusalem. C. Capernaum  D. Bethsaida 

2. What did the father of the boy Jesus healed of an evil spirit ask Jesus to do?

A. Pray for him  B. Give him a blessing. C. Believe in Him. D. Cast out the spirit 

3. How did Jesus respond to the disciples’ question of why they could not cast out the evil spirit? 

A. With patience. B. With kindness. C. With anger. D. With fear

4. What did Jesus ask of the father of the boy He healed?

A. To keep his faith in Him  B. To remain silent about the miracle. C. To tell no one what had happened. D. To keep the boy home with him

5. How did the disciples respond when the people of the town were amazed at Jesus' teaching?

A. They were ashamed.  B. They were elated. C. They were embarrassed.  D. They were perplexed.

6. What did the people in the town ask when Jesus and the disciples left? 

A. Who are You? B. Are You a prophet?  C. What was the sermon about? D. What is your name?

7. What did the disciples not understand on their journey back to Capernaum?

A. Why they could not cast out the evil spirit. B. What Jesus said about the Kingdom of God. C. What Jesus meant when He said not to tell anyone. D. Why Jesus allowed the evil spirit to possess the boy

8. How did the father of the boy Jesus healed describe his son’s condition to the disciples?

A. The boy was terrorized by an evil spirit  B. The boy was mute and could not speak  C. The boy was delirious and could not be reasoned with D. The boy was crippled and could not walk

9. How old was the boy Jesus healed?

A. Nine B. Ten. C. Eleven. D. Twelve

10. In what part of the body did the evil spirit affect the boy?

A. His mind. B. His arms. C. His legs D. His feet

Tiempo: 3:00