Jesus Prays for His Disciples


Jesus prays for His disciples.


"Never Lost" handout - one per child; pencils - one per child


John 17:6-19

(Hold up the “Never Lost” maze handout.) I’m sure you’ve worked a maze before. You begin where it says, "start" and try to find an open path in the maze that will lead you all the way to the finish. There’s no crossing through any lines; that would be too easy! 

Try doing this one for yourselves. (Give each child a maze and a pencil. Allow kids to start working. When kids come to dead ends, point out that mazes can be difficult when one comes to a dead end, but they just need to back up and start again. After a few minutes, finish a maze to help kids find their way to the end.) 

Finding your way through life can sometimes be like finding your way through a maze. Each day we have to make choices and we don’t always know which way to go. Sometimes we even choose the wrong path, and we have to back up and start over again.

  • Tell about a time when you found yourself having to back up and start over?

Jesus knew that life in this world is difficult. That’s why He prayed for His disciples when it was time for Him to leave this world. He prayed to God, "While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe. No one was lost, but now I am coming to You and I ask You to protect them and keep them safe."

We, too, have guides to help us make our way through the maze of life--the Bible and prayer. Life may not be easy, but with God leading the way, we know that we will never get lost.

God, as we search for the path that will lead us safely through this world, we place our trust in You and ask for Your guidance and protection. In Jesus' name, amen.