Kick the Can


A VBS Promotion


A can


Boys and girls aren't you excited that school is out? I want to share with you a fun game that can help you pass the summer days. It's called kick the can. (show can) First of all you need to get a can. Make sure the lid is cut off clean so you don't cut yourself on it. Second take the label off the can because a shiny can is much more fun to play with. Third rule is don't step on the can because if you do, "game over." Fourth, make sure the can is clean because if you don't you might get a case of slime toe. (VBS director interrupts) That's all I can take of this. Playing kick the can is not any fun. Coming to Vacation Bible School is fun and our VBS is _____(date and time)___. We want to invite all the boys and girls to VBS. There we will have games, crafts, refreshments and lots of fun.

(Original speaker agrees VBS is a lot more fun than kick the can.)

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