Treating God As Kleenex


Jesus is always with us when we need him


Box of Kleenex


Surely, I am with you always, Even to the end of time. Matthew 28:20

Raise your hand if you wore a coat this week. It’s been so cold that I’ll bet even those of you who usually fuss about being bundled up were glad to have something warm to put on.

As I look around, I see some red noses, too. Many of us have had colds because of the changes in the weather. I always try to have a Kleenex in my pocket, but I’ve been caught unprepared this week and have had to ask several friends to help me find a Kleenex- quick!

Sometimes we treat God like a Kleenex. That sounds awful doesn’t it? But let me tell you what I mean. When we get busy playing or doing our work during the day, Kleenexes aren’t the first things on our minds. Then if we have a crisis and our nose starts to run, all of a sudden, that’s all we can think about. We’ve got to have a Kleenex- we’ve got to have it right now!

Isn’t that how we treat God sometimes? We get busy playing or doing our work. We don’t stop to think about him until we have a crisis and something goes wrong. Then we reach out for God. We need him right then!

The good thing is that God promises that he is right there. His love is not like a Kleenex. It never runs out. It is never out of reach.

Matthew 28 says: Surely, I am with you always- even to the end of time.

God promises always to be with us. Let’s thank him for that promise.

Our Father, We know you are with us.. all of the time. Help us to remember you …throughout our whole day. Amen

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