Pointing Fingers & Throwing Stones
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Pointing Fingers & Throwing Stones"

Scripture Reading: John 8:1-11


The children will play hopscotch, throwing a brightly painted stone to the various squares containing words from today's lesson such as CHRIST, FORGIVENESS, JESUS, SIN, TEMPLE, STONES.


Have the children stand behind a LINE and take turns tossing a stone to another area that is marked with points, depending on what decorated area where the stone lands. This is played like a the game of horse shoes, in a way!


Provide the children with a shallow box or plastic container filled with sand. The children will write words from today's lesson in the sand which the teacher will give them. The teacher may also ask questions after today's Bible lesson and have the children write the answers in the sand.


Each child can be given a smooth stone to paint a cross, or write FORGIVENESS, or another word or picture for today's lesson.


The children will be given construction paper and markers to draw a MOUNTAIN of stones. Encourage children to write words of forgiveness on each stone that has been drawn in a pile that forms the mountain! Write words from today's Bible verse at the foot of the "mountain".


Give each child an ink pad and a piece of construction paper in the shape of a circle to represent a STONE. Have the children print their own fingers on the paper and add arms and legs, hair and faces to their fingerprints and write words of forgiveness on their picture as a reminder of today's lesson. As an alternative activity, the teacher might have the children make their finger prints on the construction paper to represent stones and have them label each "stone" with a word from today's lesson or ways to forgive.


Have the children trace their hands on a piece of construction paper and write words from today's lesson on each finger of one of the traced hands. On the other hand, the pointer finger will be labeled POINTED AT YOU, and the other three fingers can be labeled POINTED AT ME.


The teacher or the children will blow up a white rubber glove and tie it closed. It will look like a balloon hand for children to fold back three fingers and point the one finger as they tell parts of today's lesson.


Have the children form a big circle to discuss today's lesson. The teacher will ask the children to POINT to answers that have been written on pieces of paper and placed in the middle of the circle. Have the children POINT their fingers around the room at various items and encourage children to point to themselves for answers to other questions.

Song: "Jesus Loves Me"

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Song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

Words and Music (pdf)

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