Don't Put Jesus Away


Don't forget about Jesus after Christmas.


A manger scene or other Christmas decorations.


O LORD , the hope of Israel, all who forsake you will be put to shame. Jeremiah 17:13

Well…. It’s all over… Christmas, it came and went just like that! Did you all have a good Christmas. Was it fun and exciting?

I guess before long it will be time to put all the Christmas decorations and things away until next year. The tree starts looking old and the lights don’t seem to be so bright anymore after Christmas is over… it’s a new year and we need to get on with that.

Do any of you have the manger with Jesus and Mary and Joseph? Isn’t it nice to look at that and think about the Christmas Story and Jesus being born? We have a special one that we get out every year and our granddaughter loves to look at Jesus. I guess it will be time to put Jesus away too… hey wait, maybe we shouldn’t put him away. What do you think? Do you know that some times we put Jesus away from our hearts too? After Christmas it seems that we get busy with the new year and we forget to think about Jesus and talk to him and pray… I guess we really do put him away. What do you think about us making a deal right here this morning not to put Jesus away. Lets agree that we won’t forget about Jesus and we will talk to him and think about him and pray! Jesus is really good all year long… he is what makes every time of the year important and we should never put him away. What do you think? Shall we keep him out… Yes!

Let’s pray. Lord forgive us for putting you away after Christmas for not thinking about you and not praying to you. Thank you for being with us all through the year. You are truly the reason for every season and we love you. Amen!