Listening for God




A book, a piece of paper, a pencil, a cell phone, and some coins


Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

Good morning boys and girls! How are you guys this morning? Today I want to talk about prayer. Do you guys pray every day? (Wait for responses) What do you pray for? (Wait for responses) Does God answer your prayers? (Wait for responses)

I think sometimes it's easy to think that God doesn't hear our prayers. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't always do what we ask him to do. The truth is, though, that he always hears our prayers. He doesn't always answer our prayers in the way that we think he should, though. Sometimes we have to look and listen very carefully to see the ways that God is helping us.

Is it sometimes hard to stop and listen? It's even harder to listen for God. I'm going to play a quick game with you guys, to show you that you can see things even with your eyes closed. This will show you how you have to listen and look hard to see how God is at work in your lives.

(Have the kids close their eyes. They will have to guess what each object is by the sound it makes.)

1- Skim the pages of a book

2- Scribble with a pencil on a piece of paper

3- Crumble a piece of paper

4- Push random numbers on a cell phone

5- Jingle some coins in your hand