Pleasing God - Not Man


Seeking God's approval rather than the approval of others.


A sheet of stickers or a school report card.


1 Thessalonians 2:1-4 Pleasing God – Not Man.

If you woke up today and your ONE job was to Please God what would you do?

(Give them time to answer)

Right – when we do things like Visit the sick, pray to God, love others, help the poor, go to Sunday school and church (etc.) .. we please God.

NOW …When you are at school you have a job to do. What happens at school if you do a good job? What do you get? …(give them time to answer.).

Right - You might get a gold star…or an A on your report card or……………………….you might not get recognized at all.

That can be frustrating can’t it? To work hard and not get recognized at all?

A lot of people think the only way to find happiness is to get a good grade at school or a promotion at work or make lots of money. If all we do is aim to please people we will be frustrated and disappointed.

But in the bible it says that we should aim to please God. So that in everything we do we should work to please God and not man.

The Bible says that When we live to Please God we will have a full life … ....a happy life.

Do you know that in God’s eyes you are so much more than the grade on your report card?

Because of God’s Grace….

In God’s eyes you are covered with gold stars!

Prayer: Dear God – Help us to realize that we can never find true happiness in the things of this world or in others approval. You alone are the source of true happiness. Help us to honor you in all that we do.