Talking to God


Prayer is talking to God


Pictures of types of Communication. Examples are mobile phones, TV, Newspapers, DVD's, Talking, Smoke Signals etc. whatever your imagination can give!


Romans 8:26-27

Ask the children if they can guess which 'types of Communication' you have put together (enlisting the help of one or two children might be a good idea) They need to guess if you have the pictures because you are sure they will not guess them all, adults can join in too!

Reveal your pictures as people guess right perhaps with the help of others too

The last picture to show is Prayer because prayer is a type of Communication with God

Now ask the question: Of all of these types of communication which is one-way communication (eg newspapers) and which are two-way communication (eg mobile phones)

Now ask the question? What is prayer? Is it one-way communication or two-way communication?

The answer is two-way communication. How do we know when God is talking to us? We know from the bible that God gives us answers to our questions, the answers are there through the many stories and sayings of Jesus. God also speaks to us through the words and actions of others. We can see God talking to us when we see the good that others do or the kindness a person shows to someone. Here is God saying look! see! go and do likewise! Prayer is sometimes like using a mobile phone for the very first time. We are unsure of whether we can communicate. Just the same in prayer -- we may not know how to pray or what to say but we should never be discouraged. God will help us to find the words as we talk to him.... all we need to do is give it a try!