The Faces of Easter


The joy of Easter


5 craft sticks; paper; pen; tape


Luke 24:1-12

Cut out five circles, and draw the following faces on one of each of the circles: happy, sad, surprised, angry, and afraid. Tape one circle to the top of the craft sticks.

Easter is a very happy day, isn't it? (Pause for responses.) It’s the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. It’s interesting to think about what Jesus’ friends might’ve been feeling on that day.

We all know our faces show the way we feel. Sometimes we try to hide it, but we’re not always so great at hiding how we feel. Today, I don’t want you to hide it. As I tell the story, I want you to show on your faces how the people in the story feel about what is happening. (Invite five kids to stand in front of the class, and have each child hold one of the signs. They’ll hold their signs up when they think the emotion would be present. Explain that more than one emotion could  be present. The children in the audience will show on their own faces what emotion they might feel. If they want to show more than one emotion, they can alternate the emotions on their faces repeatedly.)  

It was early in the morning on the first day of the week when some women went to visit the tomb where their friend, Jesus, had been buried. He had been crucified and died on a cross. (This might be a time kids show sad faces. Point out the signs and kids’ faces. Pay attention to any unique responses so you can quickly pause and let the child briefly explain.) 

He was buried in a borrowed tomb and the women were going to put spices on His body. (Pause.)

When they arrived at the tomb, the women discovered that the stone that had covered the entrance had been rolled away. (Pause.)

When they looked inside the tomb, they had the biggest surprise of all. The tomb was empty! They thought someone had stolen Jesus’ body. (Pause.)  

Suddenly, two men in bright shining clothes came and stood beside the women. In their fright, they bowed down with their faces to the ground. (Pause.) 

The men spoke to the women and said, "Jesus is not here; He has risen! Don't you remember what He told you when He was in Galilee?" (Pause.)

Then the women remembered what Jesus had told them and they were no longer afraid. Their fear turned to happiness and they went back and told Jesus' disciples what they had seen and that Jesus had risen, just as He had told them He would. What a happy day! (Pause.)

You and I have reason to be happy today. We’re happy because we know that Jesus rose from the grave and that He lives forever. But we’re also happy because we know that the Bible tells us that "Whoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have everlasting life." Now that is something to be happy about, isn't it?  (Invite kids to show their happy faces by holding up the sign.)

Dear Father, we’re happy today because Jesus rose from the grave and lives forever. We are also happy because we know that those who believe in Him will also have everlasting life. In Jesus’ name, amen.