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by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "Show Others You Care"

Scripture Reading: Mark 1:29-39

CARING RELAY: This can be done as a relay for two teams if desired. Before class time, the teacher will set up a table with pictures of activities that demonstrate CARING FOR OTHERS. Each team will have a poster board with the words "SHOW OTHERS YOU CARE" written at the top. One child on each team will begin the game by running to the table and choosing a picture or word sheet for a CARING ACT as listed in our lesson today. Some pictures and action papers might illustrate the opposite of caring, so the children should be careful to pick a CARING picture of their choice and run it back and tape it to the team's poster board. The next child will then do the same until everyone on the team has chosen a CARING ACTION and taped to the poster board. After everyone is done, let the children discuss the caring activities they have chosen and remind them to show others that they care for them.

CARING PADDLES GAME: Have the children decorate a paper plate using colored markers, glitter glue, and stickers and then tape it to a paint stick. Blow up a large balloon with the word CARING written on it in large letters. Children will 'bat' the CARING balloon around as if sharing and caring to each other. Encourage the children to CARE for several people during this week.

CARING FLIP CHART: Give the children several cards made of heavy stock. Have the children draw pictures that represent CARING FOR OTHERS on the cards. Punch a hole in the cards and connect them using loose leaf rings to make a flip chart to use as they tell today's story about showing others you CARE!

CARING AIRPLANES: Give each child a sheet of paper to make a paper airplane and and decorate it with words of ways to show we care. After all the planes have been made and decorated, let the children fly their plane to another child in the class to represent spreading their CARING from person to person.

PLANT A FLOWER OF CARING: Have some cut flowers (or artificial flowers) to give to each child to "plant" in a small vase or plastic cup filled with dirt or potting soil. Let them decorate the cup with stickers and suggest to the children that they might give their CARING FLOWER to someone else who may need some encouragement today.

MINUTE TO WIN IT: This activity is a CARING game using a chalk board or a poster board. The teacher will write words or phrases of ways we can show we care on the board with several letters missing. Choose one child and give the child one MINUTE to try to complete the word or phrase. Use the caring ideas from today's lesson as well as others that the teacher might think of to use for this game. Continue to play as time allows.

CARING HAND PRINTS: Give each child a piece of construction paper to trace and cut out 2 hand prints and a strip of paper about 1x11 inches which they will fold accordion style. Write CARING on one hand and HANDS on the other hand and use the accordion strip to connect the two hands. Tell the children to take the hands home to remind them to CARE for someone during the week.

CARING FINGER PUPPETS: Children can decorate small pieces of paper with ideas of caring and then tape them together and place over their finger. Each child can make several puppets if time allows. Let the children put on a finger PUPPET SHOW using their finger CARING puppets to tell today's story and other ideas of caring for others.

CARING FLOWERS: Provide sheets of construction paper in a variety of colors to the children. The children will trace and cut out a flower vase and several flowers of different colors. The vase cutout will be glued onto another piece of construction paper and the children will draw several stems coming up from the flower vase. The cut out flowers will then be glued to each of the stems and words of CARING will be written on those flowers. Hang these CARING FLOWERS around their classroom to show others how much they are CARED for.

GUMMY CARE BEARS: A snack of Gummy Bears.

SING A SONG: "This Little Light of Mine"

Song:  "This Little Light of Mine"

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