Thanksgiving Top Ten
Group Activities

Sermon Titles: "My Thanksgiving Top Ten List" and "Thank You"

Scripture Reading: Psalms 100:4, Psalms 118:1


Teacher can have construction paper strips (i.e. 4" x 1/2") of fall colors for children to make a Thanksgiving chain. Each loop can have something they are thankful for and then glue the chain together - loop by loop! Have plenty of paper strips available for very THANKFUL children!!


Children can be given the supplies to make a head band and some heavy poster board that has been cut into feather shapes for the children to decorate with many fall colors and words of THANKSGIVING on each feather! Staple or tape the feathers to the head band that fits the child's head. Bright colors will make this Indian headdress very exciting to wear and to show others what they are thankful for.


Each child could be given a hanger in the shape of a heart or other shape as desired. Children could glue bright fall colored foamy leaves around the "wreath". (Foamy leaves can be purchased at any craft section). Each child can be given a colored leaf to write or trace THANK YOU JESUS and hang by a piece of string or yarn from the top of the wreath so it hangs down in the middle of the Thanksgiving wreath!


: Children could be given a fall-colored 8 x 10" square of construction paper that has had long slits about 1 inch apart already cut before child gets to class. Children can be given many different fall colored slits of paper about 1 inch wide and 8" long to WEAVE in and out of those slits in their placemat square. Children can use a gel pen or bright marker to write THANK YOU JESUS on the side of their placemat to enjoy on Th'giving Day!


Children can be given a bright neon orange piece of poster board. Have child write JESUS in the middle of their collage and then begin their project. Many magazine pictures of things to be thankful for can be placed around the table for children to create a collage of THANKSGIVING. Title their collage THANKSGIVING IS THANKS LIVING. Encourage children to find pictures from our lesson today such as house, food, clothes, health, a flag for our country, teachers, friends, family, parents.


Children can go outside and find their favorite leaf or choose from leaves that the teacher has available. Place the leaf under a sheet of white paper and use the side of a pencil or crayon to color over the leaf until all the parts of the leaf can be depicted on the paper. Cut the leaf out and write THANK YOU JESUS on the "veins" of the leaf and cover if desired with clear laminating material of any kind and provide yarn to hang around their neck.

Song: "To God Be the Glory" - By Fanny Crosby & William H. Doane

Lyrics & Music: PDF

Piano Accompaniment: MP3