Through the Deep Water
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Through the Deep Water"

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 43:1-2


As kids come into class, have them draw DEEP WATERS and a LIFE RING at the top. Teacher can suggest what some "deep waters" could be and write those in the "waves"; Teacher can label the Life Ring as God who saves us.


The teacher says something that children encounter in their daily life of which they might be afraid. After each situation that the teacher lists, children will say, "JESUS SAYS, FEAR NOT. I WILL BE WITH YOU." Teacher will continue for a few ideas so children can put some fears to rest that they may have experienced.


Use floaters or life preservers. Each child uses a floating device and one person is chosen as THE SWIM INSTRUCTOR. Children scatter within the boundaries and begin to shout out -- "Help Me! I'm drowning and I am afraid!" The "Instructor" tries to tag him. Then the 2 of them seek to find another and help to save that one. Continue until everyone is saved if possible and if there is time. Discussion on FEAR and uncertain times in our lives that we will face.


Have each child trace his own hand and write on each finger one of God's promises to save us in our struggles and fearful times.

Song: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hand"

Lyrics in PDF format.


Vocal with guitar accompaniment (right click on link and save to your computer)

Song: "Learning to Lean " by John Stallings

Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot provide words and music, but this song should be available in many hymnals or praise and worship song collections.