To Whom Shall We Go?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "To Whom Shall We Go?"

Scripture Reading:John 6:67-68


Divide the children into teams and give each team a backpack and a number of school items to pack as they run this as a relay. Each child will put one school item in the backpack to see which team can fill their team's backpack the quickest. If you wish, these backpacks could be given to a local school to be given to needy child.


Have the children trace and cut out tracings of their own shoes. They may then color their "feet" as well as write "Follow Jesus" on them. After all the feet have been prepared, the teacher can place all the "feet" in a long path for the children to follow! Each child will take one school item at the end of the foot path and place it into a backpack to be given then to a needy child at a school in the area.


The children can work alone or together, as the teacher chooses, to make a decorated poster of rules or choices that the children want to follow during the school year. Use of drawings by the children and stickers can be used to make the posters very special and provide a good focal point for today's lesson.


The feet can be traced once again and decorated and colored to attach to a coat hangar for the classroom RULES/CHOICES mobile for the new school year! Let children gather in a circle under the mobiles to discuss how they can obey and follow those rules through the year.


Give each child two colored pieces of construction paper to decorate as a backpack. Three edges of the two sheets of paper backpack can be taped or glued together or hole punched around the edges to be laced together with yarn, to close up the edges of the backpack. Add strips of paper to the back of that backpack to represent straps. Use stickers to decorate their backpacks and then begin adding pictures or shapes of paper with words from today's lesson to FILL their backpack. For several weeks, the teacher could give the children another picture or a piece of colorful paper with encouraging words to place in their backpack.


Give each child a paper plate. The children will draw the hands of a clock on the plate, but instead of numbers, they will write the words, "Its time for school - JESUS RULES!" where the numbers would normally be around the edge of the clock. Happy face stickers would be good stickers for decorating this specialized school clock.


Each child will be given a piece of paper and some finger paints to smear onto the paper and then step with their bare feet onto the paper to leave a footprint. Children can use their fingers or q-tips or toothpicks or an old toothbrush to write words from today's Bible lesson.

Song: "Footsteps of Jesus"

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Song: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

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