Tooth Fairy Pocket

Tooth Fairy Pocket

You will need:

  • A 10cm x 35cm (4 in. x 14 in.) rectangle of thin felt;

  • Patterned craft scissors;

  • Bostik glue, sequins and glitter;

  • A fabric pen or koki; and

  • An iron.


1. Use the craft scissors to cut a pattern along the top of the two short edges.

2. Fold the fabric 10cm (4 in.) from the bottom. Ask your caregiver to iron the fold into a sharp crease.

3. Unfold the fabric and put glue along the two the sides. Fold again by pressing the sides down.

4. Turn the top flap over the pocket and ask your caregiver to iron along the fold.

5. Write your name on the front of the pocket with the fabric pen.

6. Decorate the pocket with glitter and sequins.

7. Now wait patiently for your loose teeth to fall out!