Treasures in Heaven
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Where Is Your Heart?"

Scripture Reading: Luke 12:32-34

TREASURES Paper Plate holder:

Children can staple or tape two paper plates together, leaving a small opening at the top and using ribbon in holes punched at the top, to carry the plate home with them. TREASURES CANDY (purchased in the candy aisle) can be given out to put into the decorated TREASURES "box" (and Bible verse on the plate as well),as children answer questions or other ideas the teacher may have to give out the candies. 2 "treasure candies" can be given if the child learns the Bible verse as well.


- Teacher can put a "treasure" from our story onto a slip of paper and stick in each balloon. Children can pop the balloon and add their "treasure slip" to a TREASURES POSTER on the focal wall of the classroom. Discussion about how to build up our treasures in heaven.


Teams will race to find these treasure slips of paper and see which team can find more treasures in the designated area and in the time given. All members of the AMAZING RACE could receive "treasure candies" for their paper plate treasure box, if desired.


Children will find a hidden coin and bring it back to pile up coins on the table and will watch the "treasure" (coins) build up. The found and collected coins can be placed in the offering plate or given to someone who is poor and would need to receive a special gift bought with the money collected. The children will enjoy helping someone in need.


This activity is 2-fold:

1 - Build a treasure box with a lid - decorate with colorful paper, etc. Children can enjoy a TREASURE HUNT for canned foods and non-perishable items around the church area and bring back to place in the treasure box.

2 - Each non-perishable item will have part of the Bible verse on it or an idea for "building our treasure in heaven" (such as the visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, etc), and then children will take that slip of paper off the canned goods and will tape it to the decorated TREASURE BOX. Children could be encouraged (and have a note brought home) to bring more canned food to SS for the next few weeks if teacher desires.

Song: "Treasures in Heaven" by Larry Holder

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