The Uninvited Guest
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "The Uninvited Guest"

Scripture Reading: Luke 7:36-50


(as the children enter):

1 — Hand invitations to a SS party, as the children enter. 2 — Have the room decorated as if for a party. 3 — Have some fun music playing. 4 — Explain to the children that our story today will be talking about a party where someone came who was not invited, why, and what happened. 5 — During the lesson, have an "univited person" knock on the door, dressed up so children may not know who it is - that person could "ad lib" for a couple of minutes and then leave.


"Proud/Humble" walk - The teacher will demonstrate a PROUD WALK and then a HUMBLE WALK, while teaching the story. Then children can play a short little fun game of the Pharisees and the Uninvited Guest WALK. When the teacher shouts out PROUD, the children will strut around in their PROUD WALK; when the teacher shouts out HUMBLE, they will walk in their HUMBLE WALK. Teacher will go back and forth from PROUD to HUMBLE for whatever time is allowed during class. Discussion about what kind of walk God wants us to have and why!


BIG letters cut out for J - E - S - U - S P - A - R - T - Y for the children to glue onto a large poster board. Then allow children to write notes or draw pictures around the poster to demonstrate ideas such as humble, loving, happy, invited, forgiven, forgiving, etc.


Give each child 2 COLORED CARDS from bright construction paper.

1 - First card they will create is an "I'M SORRY" card to JESUS - on this card they may list reasons for being sorry or draw a picture on the inside of the card.

2 - Second card they will create will be a card from JESUS to the child that will say on the outside -- "I FORGIVE YOU" and on the inside of the card children could draw a CROSS and also some happy face stickers or cross stickers.


Fill some small water bottles with a few pennies in one, buttons in another, popcorn kernels in another, etc. The different small items in the bottles will give each child their own UNIQUE SOUND. The teacher will ask questions about today's Bible story or give an illustration of different types of behavior that show pride or humility. If the children think they know the answer, they will shake their bottle and give the answer when called upon. No one will win or lose this game, but will just have fun listening and being able to shake the bottle to make their own special sound.


When you have forgiven someone, or when someone has forgiven you, a hug may show a sign of your happiness. In this game, we will celebrate our happiness by skipping and dancing around the room while the music plays "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Every time the music stops, the children will find a different friend to hug. If time allows, play the game again and have the children shake hands or give each other a high five as a sign of their happiness.




Give each child a paper plate and a zip-lock bag filled with a supply of raisins or M&M candies. Tell the children that they are to make a smiley face on their plate with their snack treats to show that they are happy when they are forgiven. After they have completed their happy face, they can eat their snacks.

Song: "Oh, How I Love Jesus"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment

Song: "I'm Happy All the Time"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano Accompaniment