Esther 4:1-17 Trivia

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute “Esther the Brave Queen” countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Esther 4:1-17. It teaches about the power of Queen Esther's prayers in saving Jews from destruction under the rule of Xerxes and Haman, a high ranking official who sought to destroy the Jewish people.

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Quiz questions:

1. Who was Queen of Persia?

A. Mary   B. Jezebel   C.Esther


2. Who was Esther's cousin?

A. Haman   B. Ahasuerus   C. Mordecai


3. What did the Jews expect to suffer?

A. Prejudice   B. War   C. Destruction


4. What did Esther face?

A. Punishment   B. Danger   C. Refusal


5. What was the King’s name?

A. Xerxes  B. Mordecai   C. Haman


6. What does Esther’s name mean?

A. Star   B. Blessed   C. Hope


7. What did Esther, the servants, Mordecai, and the Jewish people do?

A. Cry   B. Pray   C. Run away


8. Who did Esther have to go before to save her people?

A. The Jewish people   B. Her father   C. The king


9. Who did Esther place her faith in?

A. Xerxes   B. God   C. Mordecai


10. Did God answer their prayers?

A. Yes!   B. Not this time   C. He told her he’d help later

Time: 3:00