Esther — The Brave Queen


God is always at work behind the scenes.


A Super Hero cape.


If you keep quiet now, help and freedom for the Jews will come from another place. But you and your father’s family will all die. And who knows, maybe you have been chosen to be the queen for "such a time as this." Esther 4:14

Who is your favorite super hero? (Let the children respond.) Our lesson today is about a beautiful young woman who became a queen and saved her people from being destroyed by an evil enemy. I think she would definitely fit into the category of Super Hero.

This is a story of an evil man named Haman, a king named Xerxes, a man named Mordecai, and his beautiful cousin who was an orphan. Her name was Esther which means "star".

Esther was a Jewish girl who had been taken captive. After her parents died, she was adopted a family member, Mordecai, who raised her as his own daughter.

King Xerxes needed a new queen and Esther was selected from many young women. She found favor in the eyes of everyone that saw her.

Haman was a high ranking official and did not like the Jews. He particularly did not like Mordecai. So Haman decided to destroy all of his people, which were also Esther’s people. The king was unaware that Esther was Jewish. What was Esther to do? She did not want her people to be destroyed. She was afraid if she asked the king to halt Haman’s plan, she would die and if she did not ask the king, her people would be destroyed including her cousin Mordecai. Look at Esther 4:14 again.

Esther prayed. Her servants prayed. Mordecai prayed. The Jewish people prayed. Then Esther decided to go before the king. She was very brave and loved her people and God very much. She saved her people from Haman’s evil plan. Even though the word God is not recorded in the book of Esther, His work, His guidance, and His protection is there for us to hear. When we listen to God, we can do great things.

Prayer: Thank you for brave people who spread your Word and thank you for all of the heroes of the Bible. Thank you for your protection against evil. Amen

Note: Sermon by Jackie Jones - Used by permission

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