Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams

Sermon Title: "The Case of the Empty Tomb"

Scripture Reading:  John 20:1-18

STONE ROLLING: If the teacher can find large stones that are hard to roll, the class can have a relay or take turns in trying to ROLL that large stone or rock. Tell the children that they will hear about a large stone being rolled away, in today's Bible lesson.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Let children HUNT for items that might have something to do with today's story and Jesus' resurrection, such as a stone, linen, cloth, picture of an empty tomb, etc. After the children have found all the items that the teacher gives them to find, let the children hold up their item as the Resurrection Story is told.

CLAY TOMB: Give each child some modeling clay or play dough and mold it into a large tomb that is EMPTY! Ask children questions about the EMPTY tomb while the children are molding it.

TOMB PAINTING: Let children PAINT a large tomb on a piece of construction paper, with grass and clouds, etc around the tomb. Paint HE LIVES above the tomb art.

TOMB BIBLE VERSE: Give children supplies to draw and cut out a large tomb picture and glue onto a piece of construction paper. Write parts of our lesson today or the Bible verse over the top of the tomb and hang from a hanger from the ceiling.

CROSS BOOK MARKERS: Give children supplies to draw and cut out a cross and decorate with stickers, markers and a small cut out of an empty tomb to glue onto the book markers. Write I HAVE SEEN THE LORD, or JESUS LIVES, etc. Give children a ribbon to put into a hole at the top of the cross.

PLAY ACTING: Let children play act the story as children are designated as angels, or Mary, disciples, Peter, John, gardener etc. Place a sheet or bedspread over a table to be the empty tomb that children can crawl into as they go "under the table". Let the children take turns telling parts of the story while the other children play act the characters in today's story. A video camera would make this special for the children as they view the "story" as they tell it!

MYSTERY SNACKS: Give each child an empty toilet paper roll to fill with a few candies and then write and decorate a small card with stickers and words from today's lesson. Place the small card and candy inside the toilet paper roll and wrap with tissue paper or other wrapping paper and ribbon-tie each end. Encourage children to give their mystery snack to another person outside the class. Then the teacher can SURPRISE the children with a "mystery snack" that the teacher has prepared ahead of time for each class member!!


Song:  "He Is Lord"

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About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for 35 years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and for the last 14 years in Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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