Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams and Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "The Good Shepherd"

Scripture Reading: John 10:11-18

HIDE AND SHEEP: Children will all find a good hiding place and a "Shepherd" will try to find the sheep. The sheep can make sheep sounds and when a sheep is found, that sheep will join with the first "Shepherd" in finding more sheep.

LAYING DOWN SHEEP TAG: The children can play Tag. The "child who is tagging" will tag someone and that "sheep" will have to lay down right where they were tagged. Continue to play until everyone is laying down. Children can make the Baa-baa sheep sound while laying down. Let different children be the tagger, as time allows.

SHEPHERDS VOICE: Children can sit in a circle (Sheep's corral) and one blindfold shepherd can listen to the Baa-baa sound and try to guess what sheep is "calling". The teacher can be pointing to one student at a time to make the baa-baa sound.

SHEEP RELAY: Divide the children into teams. Each team will take turns running to their team's sheep and gluing on cotton balls in the traced sheep picture, that is placed on an easel for each team to see how the sheep is looking. Make sure each team has the exact same number of cotton balls to work with. Each child will run to the sheep and place one cotton ball on the glue and run back to tag the next team player to place their cotton ball on the sheep. When the relay game is completed, the teacher can place the cotton ball sheep on 2 large poster boards with today Bible verse words on the board but have several words missing for each team to WRITE IN THE CORRECT fill in word. Children can take turns in their teams in placing one missing word each.

COTTON SHEEP: Let children trace and cut out a small sheep and add cotton balls. Then the teacher can let the children place their sheep on a poster board of a sheep corral so many little sheep are in one place. Children can find Bible verse words around the room to place in order on the poster board, over the sheep corral to learn and recite today's Bible verse.

SHEEP SKIT: Let the children be sheep, Shepherd and Jesus and act out today's Bible lesson as the teacher or another child tells the story. Encourage children to do motions to "care" for the sheep and protect them from wild animals (other children playing the wild animals). Children can all recite today's Bible verse at the end of their skit. Children may enjoy sharing their skit with another class.

PUPPET SHEEP: Provide each child with a white paper lunch bag. Children can cut out black construction paper legs to glue to both sides of the bag, cotton around the face and black ears to be cut out and glued to the top of the puppet head. Children can take turns telling today's story with their sheep puppet. A Bible verse slip of paper can be glued to the back of the puppet for children to take home and try to memorize their verse.

YARN SHEEP: Each child can cut out a black sheep from card stock paper and begin at the neck of the sheep to the tail of the sheep, wrapping thick white yarn around the sheep and putting the end of the yarn tucked into the body of the yarn/sheep. Add googly craft eyes if desired.

SHEEP PLATE: Children can be given a white paper plate and glue pieces of cotton all over the white plate. Cut out and glue black legs and ears to the plate to form a sheep, for children to hold up and tell today's story. Ask children WHO lays down His life for His sheep!


SHARE A SNACK: MARSHMALLOW SHEEP - Each child can be given a large marshmallow and 4 toothpicks to use as legs, to form a sheep, or children can be given many smaller colored marshmallows to form a sheep on a small plate of frosting.

Song:  "Jesus Loves Me"

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Song:  "Jesus Loves the Little Children"

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About Carol Williams
Carol and her husband have been in the ministry for more than 35 years.  They have served churches in Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana.  Carol loves to work with children so you will find her teaching in Junior Church and children's Sunday School.  She also has clowning ministry in which she is known as Bubbles tc (the clown).
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