Be Careful Whom You Follow
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Be Careful Whom You Follow"

Scripture Reading: Mark 13:1-8


The children will follow a leader around an obstacle course. If the lead child goes UNDER an obstacle, the other children must do the same. If a child goes around an obstacle, then all the children will do the same. If there is an item on the ground or floor, the child could pick it up and put it down, or walk in a circle around the item, or whatever the leader would like and all the children must do the same. Choose different children to be the leader through all the obstacles. Encourage the children to use their imagination so that the followers will have to pay close attention and not get tricked.


Let the children play a game of HANA, HANA, KUCHI or SIMON SAYS with the game starting out slowly but picking up speed as the game progresses. Let as many children as possible be SIMON as time allows.


The children trace around their shoe on a sheet of paper. Cut out several tracings and decorate their "feet" and then the teacher can have the children place their "FEET" along a designated path. All the children will then take turns to FOLLOW the FEET as quickly as possible around the room.


Each child traces and cuts out a foot print and writes today's Bible verse or words from today's lesson on the footprint. Let children tape their footprint to a classroom door in the form of a path.


The teacher will have one very large picture of the Bible cut into pieces for the children to take turns putting a piece together until the Bible puzzle is complete -- OR the teacher can give a Bible puzzle that has been cut out and placed in an envelope for each child to piece together and then glue or tape onto a piece of construction paper.


Let children have a scavenger hunt with items on a list that the teacher will provide for each team. The BONUS points will be for the team/s that find a BIBLE and brings it back to the teacher in the least time! To make the game a little more meaningful, the teacher can have a certain Bible verse for the team to find and read to the class.


For older children, the teacher could have some Bible verses for a sword drill to see who can find the verses in the quickest time. Teacher should look for verses that have to do with today's lesson and with today's theme. For younger children, the teacher might have a story book Bible available for the children to find a certain Bible story and tell a little bit about that story.


The teacher can print off copies of words to the song "THE B-I-B-L-E" and glue them to a thin piece of wood. The children can then use decoupage material or spread white glue over the top which will dry shiny and then put an inexpensive hager on the back to hang the BIBLE project.


Divide The class into teams and give each team a different colored marker. The teacher will create a simple dot to dot puzzle in the shape of a Bible. The teacher will then ask questions from today's Bible lesson or other Bible stories. The team that can answer the question, will use their colored marker to connect two dots of the puzzle. Continue asking questions until the puzzle is complete resulting in a colorful BIBLE for the children to hang on a classroom wall.


The B-I-B-L-E; O Be Careful Little Eyes what you see.


If the teacher wants to have fun with this snack time, the teacher could have 3 solid colored glasses upside down. With a child's eyes closed, the teacher could hide a snack under one of the glasses and move the glasses around and have child try to find the glass with the snack. This could be done for each child if time allowed. It would be fun for all the children to watch as each child find their snack!

Song: "The B-I-B-L-E"

Words and Music


Song: "O Be Careful Little Eyes"

Words and Music