Living Water
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Living Water"

Scripture Reading: John 4:5-42


The teacher will hide a small water bottle behind something in the classroom. Before starting the SEEK, tell children to sing a specific SLOW kids' song when they are seeking, but then give them a fast song when they "spot" the little water bottle with today's Bible verse on it, and then the other children will keep singing the SLOW song until THEY find the hunted-water-bottle and then THEY will begin singing the fast song. No one may touch or point to the bottle but will only sing the designated fast song until all are singing the fast song. Then the teacher will appoint someone to bring the "found" water bottle to the table for our lesson today.


Tell the children that they are going to hunt for a special "treasure" while blindfolded. While the children are in another area being blindfolded, someone will hang suckers from the ceiling. After two minutes of children looking for a treasure, have children take off their blind fold and tell them to LOOK UP! Each child will get a sucker and then begin today's lesson and the "treasure" we're going to talk about - that JESUS GIVES US LIVING WATER! Tell children that we can always LOOK UP for God's treasures!


Fill a small box with various types of water bottles and kids' drink boxes and bottles. Have the children take turns reaching in and trying to tell which "refreshing drink" they have their hands on. After everyone has had a turn reachingt into the box, discuss today's lesson about Jesus being the "living water" and very REFRESHING to our souls.


The teacher will have cut outs of a drawing of a bottle of water ready for children when they come into class. The children will write "JESUS GIVES US LIVING WATER" on the bottle and then hang their "art" around their neck with yarn that is strung through holes punched in the bottle. An option to this idea would be to give each child a small, EMPTY water bottle to hang around their neck and write the words above on a long piece of bright paper and tape onto the bottle.


Give each child a picture of a deer (clip art, etc) and let them glue that picture to a piece of construction paper. Write JESUS IS THE LIVING WATER, and encourage children to write or tape a typed-out prayer that ends our lesson: Heavenly Father, As the deer longs for streams of water, so do I long for the living water. In Jesus' name, Amen.


Have a cake pan on the classroom table. Let each child squirt some water from a bottle into the cake pan. Have a discussion about sharing Jesus with others so that EVERYONE will know that JESUS IS THE LIVING WATER. As we tell others, the water will spread. When we know Jesus as our Savior we will want to share the refreshing LIVING water with others. Don't keep it "bottled" up, give out the GOOD NEWS!


Let each child choose a bottle of water or juice and give them a long piece of paper and markers to write and decorate the bottle with JESUS GIVES US LIVING WATER. Tape their piece of decorated paper onto the bottle to remember today's lesson.

Song: "Jesus Is the Living Water"

(Sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children")

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Song: "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well"

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Song: "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" (2nd stanza)

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