No Turning Back
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "No Turning Back"

Scripture Reading:John 6:67-68


Trace feet and cut out. Let children place their own feet cutouts in a designated area. After all the feet have been put down, children can try to FOLLOW THE FEET and will enjoy the weaving back and forth to find another foot to follow. Have children sit down at the end of the feet, and tell the story today about following JESUS.


Children play this game by following the person in the front of the line, BUT they have to keep holding on to the person in front of them as they FOLLOW! So, if they run, jump, hop, lay down, roll over, touch their heads, etc, they have to keep touching the person in front of them, or they are OUT of the game! See who lasts the longest in really FOLLOWING!!!


Let children take off their shoes and make a big pile in the middle of the room. Sit in a circle and the teacher can call off numbers for the children to have to run to the middle and get their OWN shoes and put them on complete, OR the teacher could have everyone go to the middle at the same time. After the shoes are ALL ON the children's feet, they can FOLLOW the teacher to the craft table or begin to FOLLOW THE LEADER in the game ahead.


Give children mini loaves of bread or rolls and a recipe card. Children will decorate and color the recipe card and write JESUS IS THE LIVING BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN. HE WHO FEEDS ON THIS BREAD WILL LIVE FOREVER. Children can wrap the little bread and attach the card with a ribbon and give to someone else in their family or church. A separate roll or mini loaf of bread or muffin could be enjoyed by children too as a snack today!!


The teacher can write out small cards for children to hunt for around a designated area. (Words can be from our lesson such as living bread, Holy One of God, Believe, Jesus, following, etc). When all the cards have been found, have a large poster board CROSS handing on the wall, for the children to tape their found-cards onto and talk about FOLLOWING JESUS and having ETERNAL LIFE, with no turning back!


Purchase an inexpensive canvas bag from a craft section of a store. Let children trace their feet on the bag. Use colorful fabric markers to decorate and write FOLLOW JESUS, on their bags. Children could take their "wrapped loaves" home in their new canvas bag.


Give children material to make a rectangle flag. Write: JESUS FOLLOWERS…. NO TURN BACK! Decorate with star stickers, etc and color the flag. Attach to a wooden dowel, for flag waving during the following JESUS MARCHING!


Let children march and wave their new flags, while singing the song, I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS, NO TURNING BACK….. etc.


This will be like finger painting but the children can remove their shoe and sock; place their foot in a shallow pie plate of paint (for finger painting) and step onto a piece of paper. Children could do this in 2 or 3 different colors to over lap their feet painting, if desired. Tell children to allow this to dry and then write words from our Bible verse today, around the edges of the feet painting.


Provide children with some colorful tissue paper to wrap around each other's feet as gift wrap. After all the feet are wrapped, tell children to form a circle and have a prayer time together to GIVE JESUS their feet to FOLLOW HIM!

Song: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"

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