The Book of Life


The Book of Life – your names are written in Heaven!


None is needed.


Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Luke 10:20b

Kids guess that you are taking the roll.

Great you have worked out that I am taking the roll – or checking list of names of those children who have come to school. Your Sunday School teachers do this also.

How does your name get in the roll book? Answers: you have to be at the school or in that class etc.

Did you know the Bible refers to a book like a roll book – it is called the Book of Life. Pastor read about it in the gospel reading.

Being a Christian means there are so many things, so many blessings to be happy about. What things has God given you? Answers: toys, home, mum & dad etc.

God provides so many things for us. God watches over us, protects us and blesses us. And while all those things are certainly worthy of rejoicing, Jesus points out the real source of our joy:

Luke 10:20 …. rejoice because your names are written in heaven.

As humans, we would tend to get more excited about what we can SEE and DO, rather than something unseen – we can’t see heaven but we know it is there waiting for us!

When you find yourself become too content or too focused on the "things", that God has given you, remember the words of Jesus about the real reason to rejoice: "rejoice because your names are written in heaven."

Can you picture God opening His Book, flipping through a few pages, running His finger down the page... and there it is... YOUR NAME! Won't that be a great moment?!?

Lord, Thank you for all that you have given us. Help us to rejoice in the Bible truth... that our names are written in the Book of Life. In Jesus' Name,  Amen.

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