Adam and Eve Are Tempted
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Sermon Title: "Just Say 'No' to Temptation"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:1-7


Teacher can write a temptation on little pieces of paper, such as being sassy, watching the wrong tv show, eating a cookie when told not to; going to the wrong place; hitting someone, etc. Children can take a little piece of paper from the basket and pantomime their temptation and see if another class member can say what that temptation is. IF the "temptation" is guessed, then the child doing the pantomime will say loudly -- JUST SAY NO TO TEMPTATION. Then another child can take a turn!


Teacher can have a Bible verse typed out and cut into several pieces for the children to put the puzzle together. Each child can be given an envelope with the puzzle pieces inside. The envelope will be marked ...SAY NO TO TEMPTATION. The class can work on the pieces together or in teams or individually. Have the class read the Bible verse together and talk about temptation in our lives.


Teacher can have a very large picture of a tree. Children will each be given a piece of fruit with part of the Bible verses for today. The children can work together to put the fruit in the correct order and then read and study the Bible verse together. For extra fun for the class - the teacher can begin to remove pieces of the fruit and have children try to recite the Bible verse and also the MISSING parts until all of the fruit has been removed!!


Little mini choc chip cookie bites can be given out as Children answer questions about temptations or the Bible verse, etc. Teacher can give each child a small sandwich bag to place their cookies in as they answer questions. If the teacher sees that just one or two children are getting all the cookies, the teacher can say a student's name and ask a question, so that everyone gets an opportunity for some cookies!


Cut some construction paper into 4 little squares. Give each child at least 8 little squares to staple together or to hole punch and use yarn to hold together. Child can write or trace SAY NO TO TEMPTATION on the front of their little booklet. Encourage children to take their booklet home and write the times that they DID say NO to temptation and to bring their little booklets back next week for a special treat!!


The teacher can have a very large choc chip cookie for each child as they leave the classroom, if they say as they leave the room.... SAY NO TO TEMPTATION!!


Each child can trace or draw a Bible and write the Bible verse or the reference on the Bible art and then in red marker can write... SAY NO TO TEMPTATION! A small magnet could be stuck to the back of the Bible so this can be displayed on child's home refrigerator.


Children can line up against a wall and as the teacher or another leader says a temptation, children will say loudly SAY NO TO TEMPTATION! If the teacher says something GOOD that the children should do, the children can say I WILL OBEY. (Ideas: Go to bed on time; brush your teeth; swear at your friends; stomp your feet when you're angry, read your Bible; make your bed; Pray every day; steal some candy; eat cookies when nobody is looking; watch a bad tv show; set the table for your mom; call your G'ma to say HI, cheat on a test at school, etc.) Maybe there will be a child who would like to be the leader and list something to OBEY or to say NO to!


Children can be divided into teams. Each team will take turns running up to a table and taking a slip of paper with words written on it that will either be a temptation to shout NO to or will be an idea of something that children SHOULD do. They will run to the front line and read what is on their slip of paper and then response with NO TO TEMPTATION, or YES I will _______________, such as read my Bible, pray, visit sick people, thank my Pastor, etc.


Let children sit in a circle and pass a ball or a potato around the circle while the music plays. Tell children to pretend like the object is VERY HOT and not to hold onto it, but to pass quickly. When the music STOPS, the child holding the HOT POTATO will shout, SAY NO TO TEMPTATION and the music will begin to play again.


This action song will be sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. Children will enjoy shaking their heads "NO" and running in place for the "run away" part of the song. Children will stand in a circle and sing, "When I'm tempted to do wrong I turn and run away, Say "NO!" and run away, Say "NO!" and run away, Say "NO!" and run away, From sin I run away.


Give children paper and supplies to make a calendar for this month. Children can write words from today's lesson or Bible verse on their calendars and color,and add stickers. Give each child a pencil or crayon to take home and encourage children to write NO to TEMPTATION every day that they said NO and did not do something that they were tempted to do, such as stealing, cheating in school, being sassy, not obeying, etc

Song: "Say, 'No!' to Temptation" (Sung to the tune of Bingo)

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Song: "This Little Light of Mine"

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