God Said It, That Settles It
Actividades del grupo

Sermon Title: "That Settles It"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 17:5


Children can be given the paper and supplies (including double sided tape and/or magnet if needed) to make their own bumper sticker with the words, GOD SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT. Children can decide if they want to stick their bumper sticker on a bedroom or bathroom mirror, or if they'd like to have a magnet to put it on the refridgerator. Stickers would add to the bumper sticker, especially if they were glow-in-the-dark stickers!


Teacher can have the Bible verse written out on a large poster board, with MOUNTAIN cards taped over the words of the verse. Children can take turns removing a mountain and displaying the words underneath. This process could be done again to see who can say the verse while some of the Mountain cards are still attached.


Each child can be given a large Mountain picture (triangle construction paper), a big yellow sun and 4 toothpicks. The Mt picture and the sun can be glued or taped onto a piece of poster board. The 4 toothpicks could be taped onto the Mountain and children can draw a head on each toothpick and draw to make them look like the men in our story (Jesus with Peter, James and John). An ink thumbprint would make a cute face for each man. Glitter could be sprinkled around the stick figure that will represent Jesus, as well as a small white cloth on the "Jesus" toothpick! Children will have fun making legs and feet and arms to their toothpick.Tape a typed or written out Bible verse on the bottom of their art.


Give each child a blue oval cut out of construction paper. Have children glue some cotton ball "fluff" onto the cloud. Each child can be given a craft stick and a mini styrofoam ball to decorate with yarn for hair, markers for eyes and mouth and some material to use as clothing (either glue the clothing on or use mini rubber bands). Then children are ready to say the Bible verse using the cloud and the stick figure of Jesus to say, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. LISTEN TO HIM! Matthew 17:5. Children will enjoy using their props to take their turn in saying/memorizing the Bible verse today! After each child has taken their turn in repeating the Bible verse, the class can say "together" -- GOD SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT!


Have children sit in a circle and the teacher can name something in the Bible that GOD SAYS. Children will then say, GOD SAID IT AND THAT SETTLES IT! Then the teacher can say something that God "hasn't" said and the children can say GOD DIDN'T SAY THAT!! If a child says the wrong statement, take time for the class to discuss what GOD says or didn't say.


Each child can be given a long piece of construction paper about 2 inches wide, of their color choice (long enough to go around their head and be taped together. Give markers, stickers, etc for them to write GOD SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT, and decorate their headband to wear! Children may enjoy wearing their headbands and sharing their Bible verse with the congregation during the church service. After they share the verse, they could all say together - GOD SAID IT, THAT SETTLES IT FOR ME"!


Teacher can have some bumper stickers from the Christian Bookstore, for each child to choose one to take home as they leave their Sunday School class.


At the end of class, each child could be given a little poster board Mountain with 4 stick figures drawn on the Mountain. TAPE a small treat on the back of their Mountain picture, such as a twizzler, a stick of gum, a fruit roll up, etc.


Play this game the traditional way and let children know to listen carefully to what SIMON says and not to do anything that Simon doesn't say to do. The only commands from the leader will be the ones that SIMON says to do and that SETTLES IT, just as what we should do when GOD says something.


Children can be placed in a circle or lines across from each other. Each child will BOUNCE the ball one time to another classmate and say ONE WORD of the Bible verse and the next child will bounce the ball one time as well, and will say the next word of the Bible verse, until the entire verse has been recited. Continue to play as time allows.


Children can sit or squat in a circle. Children will recite the Bible verse, one word at a time. When it is the child's turn, they will POP up and say the word and sit down again. The next child will POP up and say the next word of the Bible verse and continue to go around in the circle. This can begin slowly for the first time of reciting the verse, but the POPPING can be sped up as children know the verse better.

Song: "Sunshine Mountain"

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Song: "He Is Lord"

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