Making Excuses
Actividades del grupo

Sermon Title: "Making Excuses"

Scripture Reading: Luke 9:57-62


- Teacher can have mini feet cut outs (or stickers) for children to glue/paste on a poster that would be labeled -- JESUS SAID "FOLLOW ME". Discussion about HOW we can FOLLOW Jesus without any excuses!


game - This could start the class time off as the normal Follow the Leader game but the leader can only do things with the FEET, so that the "followers" will have to watch very closely. There could be different leaders as time allows and children could sit in a circle on the floor or on chairs to follow the FEET!


- Trace two feet for each child and then line all the feet up in a path down the aisle or outside on the sidewalk, and have children walk on the feet while saying I WILL FOLLOW YOU JESUS. If child steps off or misses a foot - they can say NO EXCUSES and continue to walk on the FOOT PATH! This could start off as SLOW walking and then quicker and quicker to make STAYING on the feet a little bit more of a challenge.


- Children can trace each foot and then glue onto construction paper with the heels over lapping and the foot "prints" at an outward angle, which will form a heart. Little heart stickers can be placed on each toe for fun. FOLLOW ME or MY HEART WANTS TO FOLLOW JESUS, can be colored on the two feet!


- A very LARGE (poster sized) FOOT can be hanging on the focal wall of the classroom with I WILL FOLLOW JESUS written in large letters. At the end of class, children can write their names on the foot or draw a picture of themselves and will say as they leave class -- I WILL FOLLOW JESUS!

Song: "Footsteps of Jesus" by Mary B. C. Slade

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