The Three Tool Boxes
Actividades del grupo

Sermon Title: "The Three Tool Boxes"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 25:14-30


Give each child some play money and let them see how WISELY they can use that money to purchase items from the teacher's STORE, buying such items as little candies, pencils, paper, colors, or stickers.


Let children find items around the room (that the teacher has placed ahead of class time), that would help them in a profession that the teacher tells them, such as a nurse or doctor, a fireman, a policeman, a carpenter, a mom, or a school teacher. Tell today's story about the tools that GOD gives us to BUILD His Kingdom!


Divide the children into teams. When the teacher shouts out the name of a tool, a child from each team will run to a large box of tools and grab that tool, then run back and put it in their team's tool box. If the child chooses the wrong tool, the child will have to run back and find the correct tool that is needed! The teacher could have real or plastic tools or even pictures of various tools for the children to run for and to bring back to their team's tool chest! Everyone who participates can go to the teacher's tool chest and get a piece of candy to enjoy!


Give the children supplies and patterns to draw or trace a large tool to decorate, color, and hang around their neck to tell others about today's story! Write TOOLS FOR THE KINGDOM, or today's Bible verse on their tool necklace.


Give each child a large tool to trace or cut out and glue onto another piece of construction paper to be folded in half and drawn to look like a tool box. Let the children write today's Bible verse on that tool. Do the same for a couple of other tools as time allows, and take the "tool chest" home as a reminder to be faithful in using the gifts that God has given to each of us.


Give each child some modeling clay and let the children mold a tool of their choice. While children are forming their tool, ask the children about tools that God gives us to build His Kingdom!


Have the children stand in a circle with their hands behind their back. One child will stand in the center of the circle with eyes closed while the teacher walks around the outside of the circle and places a small gift in one of the children's hands. The child in the middle of the circle will then try to guess which child has the gift! Take turns playing the game and ask the children in the circle what GIFTS GOD gives us to use for HIM!


Give the children small boxes to wrap after finding a small gift of their choice to place into the box. Wrap the box and tell the children that God wants us to USE our gifts for HIM to help others and to build up His Kingdom! The children may take the wrapped gift and give it away to someone to share God's Love. Gifts for the children to wrap and then share with someone else could include Bible pens, a Gospel tract, a mini copy of the Gospel of John, some stickers, or other small items found at a Christian book store!


Have the children trace a tool and then draw arms, legs and a face on their TOOL. Tell children to remember that God has given THEM tools to serve in His Kingdom. The children could write on their "tool man" — I WANT TO BE GOD'S TOOL MAN, or I WILL BE FAITHFUL IN WHAT GOD GIVES ME TO DO.


Let children hit some tools together to make tool-music while singing PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM ALL YE LITTLE CHILDREN or WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE.

Song: "Praise Him, All Ye Little Children"

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Song: "What a Mighty God We Serve"

Words and Music (pdf)

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