Jacob and Rachel


God keeps His promises to us.


One "Promises Kept" handout per child (link below); markers


Genesis 29:15-28

Children's Sermon: Jacob and Rachel (Genesis 29:15-28)

Distribute a “Promises Kept” handout and marker to each child.

Today we’re talking about promises. Has anyone ever broken a promise to you? Have you ever made a promise to someone that you broke? Perhaps you promised your mom you’d clean your room, but instead you went out to play and forgot all about your promise. You may have even made a promise to someone even though you didn’t plan to keep it. Unfortunately, most of us have done that: made a promise that we didn’t keep.

Today's Bible lesson is about how Jacob and Rachel met and fell in love—but more than that, it’s about making promises and keeping them.

A man named Laban had two daughters. Rachel was the younger sister, and Jacob loved her. 

Have children draw a heart on or near Rachel on their handout.

Leah was the older sister, but Jacob didn’t really love her.

Have children draw a sad face on or near Leah on their handout.

Laban gave Jacob a job and a place to stay. Then Laban said, “You shouldn't work for me without pay just because we’re relatives. Tell me how much your wages should be.”

Have children draw a light bulb above Jacob on their handout. 

Jacob thought about this. He was crazy about Rachel, so he said, “I’ll work for you for seven years if you let me have your younger daughter Rachel as my wife.”

Laban agreed. So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. Seven years! That’s a long time. Let’s draw a circle around Jacob, Rachel, and Leah seven times to get just an idea of what that’s like. 

 Have children draw seven circles around Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, counting loudly on each circle.

But even though it was a long time, to Jacob it only seemed like a few days, because he loved Rachel so much and was so excited to marry her. Finally, after seven years, he went to Laban and said, “I’ve worked for you for seven years. Now, give me my wife.” So Laban brought together all the people of the place and gave a big feast to celebrate.

Have children draw something from a wedding or party on their handout.

But when night came, Laban went into the darkness and gave his daughter Leah to Jacob instead of Rachel. It took Jacob a while, but finally he realized Laban had switched his bride. “What have you done to me?” he cried. “Didn't I work seven years for Rachel? Why have you tricked me?”

Have children draw a sad face on or by Jacob on their handout.

But Laban didn’t apologize or offer to make it right. You can imagine that Jacob was pretty upset. He wanted Laban to keep his promise. Finally, Laban said, “Alright. If you’ll work for me seven more years, then you may have Rachel for your wife.”

Seven more years! But Jacob really, really loved Rachel. So he agreed. 

Have children draw seven circles around Jacob, Rachel, and Leah, counting loudly on each circle.

Finally, after seven more years had passed, Laban actually kept his promise and gave Jacob his daughter Rachel as his wife.

Have children draw happy faces by Jacob and Rachel on their handout.

Laban wasn’t very good at keeping his promises, but God is. When God makes a promise, you know He’ll keep it. God wants us to be faithful to keep our promises, too.

God, thank You for keeping Your promises to us. Thank You for being here to help us. Please help us faithfully keep the promises we make to others. In Jesus’ name, amen.