My Invisible Friend


Jesus is the image of the invisible God


Your invisible friend


From Colossians 1:15-28

Good Morning! How are you? I'm glad you are here today.

This morning I would like to introduce you to my invisible friend. Can any you tell everyone in the church what he looks like? (Answer.) Well of course not. After all he is invisible. But you know what, I know what he looks like. Not because I have ever seen him, but because he looks just like my dad.

Now that you know my friend looks just like my dad. Can you tell everyone here what my friend looks like? (Answer.) No!? Why not? He looks just like my dad. Oh that's right, you don't know what my dad looks like. Well he looks a lot like me, only he doesn't have as much hair, and his beard is different from mine. But over all he looks a lot like me.

Now can you tell the church what my friend looks like? (Answer.) Very good! You know that was the same problem Paul had when he was trying to tell the Colossians about God. You see the Colossians were Greek Christians, and although they had heard a lot about Jesus they didn't know much about the God of Israel.

So when Paul wanted to tell them about God. He told them that Jesus was the Image of the Invisible God. He knew that if they knew about Jesus then they would know all about God. If there is ever anything you want to know about God. Then remember to look at Jesus and you will find out all about what God is like.

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