Mr. Grumbledump


Don't be a complainer




Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky. Philippians 2:14-15

When I was in Second Grade I had a teacher that would read to us every day during snack time. Her favorite book that she used to read from was titled Where the Sidewalk Ends. This was a book filled with short stories and poems. And in this book was a poem titled MR GRUMPLEDUMP’S SONG.

Does anyone have any idea what this poem might be about? Well, let me read it to you:

Mr Grumpledump’s Song:

Everything’s wrong, Days are too long, Sunshine’s too hot, Wind is too strong.

Clouds are too fluffy, Grass is too green, Ground is too dusty, Sheets are too clean.

Stars are too twinkly, Moon is too high, Water’s too drippy, Sand is too dry.

Rocks are too heavy, Feathers too light, Kids are too noisy, Shoes are too tight.

Folks are too happy, Singing their songs, Why can’t they see it? Everything’s wrong

I would call Mr Grumpledump a big ‘ole COMPLAINER! What about you? And who likes a complainer to make their day gloomy? No one – right?

Well, I guess even the first believers had to deal with complainers. Because in the verse we read today Paul is writing a letter to the church members in Philippi telling them not to be complainers & not to argue. He said Christians should have cheerful hearts and willing minds so that we can shine like a light to world.

Who wants to be friends with a complainer, or visit a complainer’s church, or even hear about Jesus from a complainer? NO ONE! That is why we have to be cheerful. So that when we tell others about Jesus or invite them to our church they will want to listen about Jesus and come to church with us. They will want to be a part of what we a part of because we have joy in our hearts. So remember – whatever yousub do – don’t be a Mr Grumpledump!

Dear Lord – you are the light in a world full of sin. Help me to shine you light through the words I sat and those that I don’t say. In every moment of my day, may my attitude be like Jesus’ – full of humility, love and joy. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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