No Substitute

Submitted by Bryan Clements


Theme: There is no substitute for God.
Object: Sugar Packet, Sweet & Low, Splenda and Equal packets
Scripture: Exodus 20:2-3


We were at a restaurant yesterday and I reached for a package of sugar. Do you know what I found? A brown packet, a pink one, a yellow one and blue one.  All four of them are sweet, but only one is the real thing. This one even says it is made from sugar (Splenda), but it is not the real thing.

These are all called sugar substitutes. We use them to make our food sweeter and better. They are close but they are definitely not sugar.

It is that way with God. There is only one God and nothing can take his place. Nothing comes close. God comforts us and makes our lives sweet.

People try to substitute a lot of stuff for God. It may be new cars, new toys, new clothes, or new games. And all that stuff can make us feel good for a while, but only God can satisfy us and make our lives sweet.

He is the real thing, don’t settle for anything less.