A Time to Worship


Always take time to worship


An assortment of household task objects - iron, mop, broom, frying pan, etc.



Wow, do I have a lot to do today! I have to iron clothes, cook breakfast, dust and sweep and mop the kitchen floor! I don't know how I'll get it all done. Would it be OK if we skipped children's time so I can get all my housework done? No, that wouldn't be OK - you'd be disappoointed, wouldn't you? There were two sisters in the Bible who argued over that same thing. Jesus visited those sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha complained because she was trying to get her housework done while Mary sat at Jesus' feet, worhsiping Him. Martha wanted Mary to help her. But Jesus said that Mary was doing the right thing. No matter how busy we are, we should always make time for worship, right?

Let's pray: Dear Jesus, You are the only One worthy of worship. Help us to always make time for worship. Amen

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