Revive - Victory over Death!


Reviving our soul, mind, and heart.


Orange or Glove one pair


1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Good morning friends. Throughout the Revive sermon series, we’ll be looking at how, through Jesus Christ, we can overcome life’s struggles that often make us feel frustrated and hopeless. In particular, we’ll look at how Jesus Christ enables us to be victorious over death, suffering, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and the uncertainty of our future. If life has got you down, then join us every week and get revived!

Today I want you to look at this Orange fruit I have brought this morning. Let's look at how we go to heaven, what happens when die, and what happens next. We will answer theses question and more today.

First, let's look at how we go to heaven, through our scripture for today. There are two things happening 1.) We are raised from the dead. 2.) We shall be Changed.

Second, what happens when we die? The Scripture says our bodies will be changed into a glorious bodies. That's what the Apostle Paul is saying in our scripture when he says, imperishable and immortality. I remember as a kid, I went into a restroom at school because I was playing soccor game at school. And all of the sudden; my back started hurting. Well, let me tell you when we enter heaven my back won’t hurt any more.

Third, What happens next? The scripture tell us that we have victory over death. Apostle Paul tells us that we should stand firm in the work of the Lord, and knowing this we should not labor in vain of the Lord.

Let’s pray Lord, help us to stand firm in you. So, that we can have victory over death and sin in our lives.