Rewards of Service

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Rewards of Service countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Matthew 10:40-42 and how God rewards those who welcome his disciples.

*Download to watch without a watermark.

Quiz questions:

1. Who is rewarded if they welcome the disciples? 

A. Jesus  B. Angels  C. People

2. What part of the Bible can you find Matthew 10:40-42?

A. Old Testament  B. New Testament

3. Who sent out Jesus’ disciples to spread the Good News?

A. Jesus  B. Peter   C. Zacchaeus

4. What will happen if someone welcomes the disciples? 

A. Nothing   B. They’ll be punished   C. They’ll be rewarded

5. How many Disciples did Jesus have?

A. 50   B. 12    C. 7

6. What did Jesus want the disciples to bring into people’s homes?

A. Bread   B. Peace   C. The Gospel  

7. Where does Jesus’ message come from?

A. Disciples   B. His Father     C. Earth

8. Fill in the blank: “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold ____ to one of [my] disciples, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”

A. Soup   B. Water    C. Coffee

9. What will God reward?

A. Good deeds   B. Loving hearts   C. Welcoming the disciples

10. Who will be rewarded for welcoming disciples?

A. Followers    B. Servants    C. Hosts

Time: 3:00