A Fresh Start
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Fresh Start"

Scripture Reading:Mark 1:4-11


Let children line up against a wall and when the teacher yells RUN to the wall... or HOP to the table... or JUMP to that chair, etc. Then shout FRESH START and children will race back to line up by the wall again, to do an activity together for run, jump, hop, etc. Play FRESH START as many times as time allows and then tell children that today we'll learn about a FRESH START in our Bible lesson.


Print out the template on heavy paper. Cut out the dove and wings along the outer lines. Slit dotted line in the dove and insert wings. Hole punch the small circle and draw a piece of yarn through. The Holy Spirit came down from heaven as a dove and landed on Jesus.


Let children get around a large bed sheet and stand far apart to make the sheet tight. Put a light weight ball for each team (if desired) or for each child and try to POP the balls off the sheet. The last ball left on the sheet (or a parachute if one is available) is the winner. Tell children that GOD forgives us more times than those balls were popping up and down. Continue to play again if time allows.


Give children bubbles to try and blow and pop or to put bubbles inside another bubble, etc.Let children know that all the bubbles that they are blowing and see flying through the air can remind them of all the times that GOD forgives, as we'll learn from our lesson today!


Give each child some construction paper that has been cut into quarter sheets and let children staple to pages together or tie together with yarn. Each page can be pictures or words or stickers to remind children of "fresh starts" that they can make after God forgives us, such as a fresh start from lying, cheating, stealing, disobeying, using God's name in vain, etc.


Give children paper to draw a picture of our Bible verse today and use an ink pad to make a thumb print and add arms and legs and hair for JESUS coming up out of the water and a finger print to make it look like a dove in the picture. Write the Bible verse on the waves of the water in the picture.


Give children colored card stock paper to fold to make a card. Write FRESH START on the front of the card and add smiley stickers inside the card and write GOD'S FORGIVENESS GIVES US A FRESH START! Encourage children to set their new card on their kitchen table and talk about God's forgiveness at meal times.


Give each child a long banner out of construction paper and attach a string or yarn at the top to hang from a wooden dowel. Children can write out or tape the typed words (that the teacher has prepared ahead of classtime) of the Lord's Prayer for children to put on their NEW YEAR BANNER. Give children art supplies to decorate the border of their banner, as well. Children could then write names of people to PRAY for during the coming year!


Give children calendars that have been purchased from the Bible Bookstore with Bible verses and pictures on them as a New Year FRESH START gift, or print off calendar pages from the computer for 2009 and let children color each month and write in important dates or favorite Bible verses on their own calendars and take them home to hang in their bedrooms.


Let children enjoy some popcorn while talking about God's forgiveness and the things that they have learned in today's lesson.

Song: "O Be Careful Little Eyes What You See"

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