All the Children of the World
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "All the Children of the World"

Scripture Reading: Acts 10:34-43


Cut the inside of a paper plate out to make a wreath form. Have children color the plate lightly and draw or glue pictures of children of all races along the edge of the "wreath"! Give children a ribbon to hang their wreath up at home.


Fold construction paper back and forth several times and then cut into the folds to form half a child and when this is unfolded, it will be several children hooked together! Color children to look like different races or do the folded children with different colors of construction paper to display on the classroom wall.


Use different colors of ink for children to make thumb print children on their own piece of construction paper. Let children write the song words around the edges of their thumbprint paper.


Use various colors of play dough and let children form kids of different color and shapes and sizes and display on a table.


Have construction paper cut bookmarks for children to write on - JESUS LOVES THE LITTLE CHILDREN, or JESUS IS LORD OF ALL, or JESUS LOVES WITHOUT PARTIALITY (depending on ages of children). Give each child a small round circle to glue to the top of the bookmark to decorate to look like themselves (hair, eyes, smile, etc).

Song: "Jesus Loves the Little Children" - George F. Root

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