Be Prepared
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Be Prepared"and "Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 25:1-13


Divide the children into teams. Have 10 small jars (jam or olive jars, etc) available for each team. See how long it will take each team to run back and forth while taking turns, to fill the 10 jars with water. The teams can use a small paper dixie cup to do the filling of the jars.


Let the class march around the church and to other classrooms and knocking on the doors of each room. When entering as a class group, the class will say in unison, "BE PREPARED. THEREFORE KEEP WATCH, BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR. MATTHEW 25:13. Then the class will leave that room and go to another classroom as time allows.


Make a hopscotch game and write ways to be prepared on each square. Let children play hopscotch, reading what is in each square that they hop on. The children will take turns until each one trips or steps on or out of a line.


The children will be divided into two teams. The teacher will have ways to prepare for Jesus' coming, written on slips of paper for each team. Each team member will run to the table or basket to get ONE slip of paper and tape it to their clothing. Then the next team player will do the same until all the slips of paper have been taped on each child. Children can sit in a circle and listen to today's Bible story!


Give children supplies to make a "telephone" to tell others to be ready for Jesus' coming -- to invite JESUS into their hearts. The children will each be given a styrofoam cup and put a small hole in the bottom of the cup. Put a string through the hole and tie a knot and then string it to another styrofoam cup and use around a circle as a telephone to TELL OTHERS.


Give the class a large neon colored poster board and markers and stickers to make the door banner. Write today's Bible verse as well as BE PREPARED, etc on the board. Hole punch the top of the poster board and hang on the classroom door to remind children to BE PREPARED for Jesus' coming!


Children can be given 2 pieces of construction paper to tape together - leaving the top of one sheet higher than the other, so it can be folded down over the other sheet, to be formed to look like an envelope. The children can be given various sizes of paper cut outs to write ways to be PREPARED for His Coming and then after coloring each one and discussing the idea, that piece of paper can be slipped into the PREPARE KIT envelope to take home. Write today's Bible verse on the outside of the PREPARE KIT or other words from today's lesson.


Let children cut out and decorate a BE PREPARED FLAG and tape a small dowel rod to the edge of the rectangle flag. Children will enjoy a MARCH around a designated area to display their flags. Adding music for the marching will be fun. When the teacher says, HALT! the children will stop and recite the Bible verse together. Then continue to march. The teacher may want to add some variation and have the girls recite the verse one time and the boys recite the Bible verse another time, or all the children wearing red, or blue, or brown hair, etc.


Children can be given small pieces of paper to staple together to form a small booklet. Tie with yarn if staples are not available or if using for smaller children. Each little page can be colored and decorated and tell children to write a word from today's lesson on each page! Children will enjoy sharing the words that they wrote on their booklet after everyone has completed their pages.


Give each child a cut out of the different parts of an oil lamp - such as the base, the wick, the globe, the flame, etc. Children can tape or glue the parts of the oil lamp onto a piece of construction paper. Children can write words from today's lesson such as SOME DAY WE WILL GO TO MEET JESUS -- BE PREPARED, or today's Bible verse, etc.




Give children a snack that they have to PREPARE for - such as getting a dish, napkin, silverware, wet wipes, etc. This treat could be cutting up fruit, or ice cream sundaes, or frosting cookies or cupcakes.

Song: "Give Me Oil in My Lamp" Traditional

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