Carrying the Message
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Carrying the Message"

Scripture Reading:Mark 1:9-15


Divide children into two teams. At the start with GO, the first team player will run to the teacher and get a message and run back to the team and read the message out loud and then the next player will do the same until all the children have run to the teacher for a message! After the RELAY is completed, have children tape the message to a MESSAGE BOARD in the classroom. The teacher can write such messages as GOD LOVES YOU, JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS, JESUS IS COMING AGAIN, JESUS CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH, and other Bible verses and lessons for the children to have reinforced to them.


Let children sit in a circle and secretly pass a MESSAGE around the circle. (The children will sometimes PRETEND to be passing the "message" and other times they really WILL put the small slip of paper with the "message" in the next child's hand. The ONE in the middle can try and decide WHO has the important MESSAGE. IF the one in the middle FINDS the one with the message, then THAT person will be in the middle and continue to play as time allows.


Give children supplies to make a postage stamp of their own - to design a Christian postage stamp. Let children glue the stamp on an envelope and write a letter to put inside the envelope of Mark 1:15, or John 3:16. Encourage children to give this letter to someone special.


Give children supplies to draw a heart and write John 3:16 or Mark 1:15 on the construction paper heart and place into an envelope. Let chidren decorate the envelope and then each child could take their MESSAGE to someone else in another SS class, if this is allowed.


Give children supplies to write a THANK YOU NOTE to their Pastor for sharing the MESSAGE with everybody. Decorate the THANK YOU card and let children bring to the Pastor after the morning's service.


Divide the Sunday School class into two teams. Give each team one large piece of poster board and supplies to write a GOSPEL message and decorate their board. Then connect the two poster boards together with string or yarn so that they will hang OVER the classroom door and each message will be seen from both sides of the door.


Give children 5 or more small pieces of paper to tie together with yarn, string, or ribbon. Let children work together if they need help, but each child can draw pictures and a few words to make their OWN Gospel tract to share with someone. The tract should include a heart, a cross, a Bible Verse, etc. Children can decorate or use stickers as well for the MESSAGE of the tract.


Tell the children of Jesus' love for THEM and for EVERYONE in the world. The heart will remind us of God's love for each of us. Let children frost the heart cookies, if time allows, or if teacher desires!


Jesus loves the Little Children, Jesus Loves Me and GOOD NEWS (from Child Evangelism Fellowship).

Song: "Tell What He's Done for You"

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Song: "I Love to Tell the Story"

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