Christ the King
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Christ the King"

Scripture Reading: Luke 23:33-43


Two teams will run a relay to the hats, put a hat on and run back to their team member, who will then run down to the pile of hats for their team and put on another hat. This will continue until all the hats for each team have been put on and everyone is back on their team line. When their team is done, they will all say together JESUS CHRIST IS KING!! Teacher, make sure that there is a CROWN in your pile of "hats" to go along with today's story!


Have children cut out and decorate a CROWN and write JESUS IS THE KINGS OF KINGS. Have gel glue, sequins, glitter, etc available to make a beautiful crown for the KING!


Give each child a piece of cut poster board with the letters written on it, KING OF KINGS... and let children glue toothpicks on the poster picture to look like a crown of thorns.


Teacher can have a scavenger hunt with hats that could be used for the HAT RELAY RACE if desired. HATS can have a Bible verse or phrase from our lesson such as KING OF THE JEWS, KING OF KINGS, JESUS IS KING, KINGDOM, CROWN OF THORNS.


Teacher can have large cross drawn on the chalkboard (with the SIDE of the chalk) and children can write THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS on the board and use colored chalk to draw or write words about the story around the chalk drawing while the story is discussed. Teacher could have some lines for the words with some of the letters missing for children to fill in for the words of our story, as listed above in the HAT HUNT.


Option 1:

This can be played like musical chairs but as the music plays, the children will pass hats around (1 hat less than there are children) until the music stops and the child without a hat is allowed to take one hat and take a seat (so there will still be one hat less than there are children).

Option 2:

Played like musical chairs but only ONE hat could be passed around and the child that is holding the hat can leave the game and go to the chalkboard to write one of the words from the story inside a hat that is drawn on the board, while the "musical hat" continues.

Song: "Rejoice, the Lord Is King"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Accompaniment Track