David and Goliath
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Five Smooth Stones"

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 17:32-40


Children may divide into several smaller groups and take turns tossing a stone, as in the horse shoe game to see who can get into special marked areas. Each area can be marked for different points. Chalk or tape can be used to make the markings, or the teacher can use a hula hoop, etc.


Children can take turns playing hopscotch on a drive way or parking lot and tossing a small stone into each section from the beginning of the hopscotch drawing to the farthest away square as well. Words from today's lesson could also be drawn in each square.


Children can be given 5 smooth stones, if available, and some paints to decorate their stones from today's lesson.


Each child can paint and decorate stones from today's lesson and write one word on each stone for COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, PREPARATION, TRUST and VICTORY. Children can attempt to build with the stones to see who can make all their stones stay on top of each other with the words showing.


Provide children with large pieces of paper. Each child an trace and cut out a very LARGE part of a giant's body -- head, body, arms, legs, etc. Then tape the parts to a wall -- the GIANT should be as tall as the wall is from ceiling to the floor. Children can then write their names and one of the words from today's lesson that the stones represent...COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, PREPARATION, TRUST, VICTORY. Children can color the body parts before placing on the wall or after the lesson is over.


Give children pieces of construction paper to staple together to form a booklet. GIANTS in my life can be written on the front and then every page can have one GIANT in the child's life.. written or a picture drawn to remind children of the encouragement that God gives us to face the Giants.


Every child can be given a strip of paper that could be placed around the child's wrist, after decorating. Five stones can be drawn on the strip of paper with a word from the 5 stones from our lesson today, as listed above. Tape the bracelets on the children and encourage them to share their lesson with others.


Children can march around a designated area and follow a leader in cadences about today's lesson, as child or teacher desires. One cadence could be...V-I-C-T-O-R-Y... VICTORY,VICTORY, THAT'S OUR GIANT CRY!!! Another one could be...I LOVE JESUS, HOW ABOUT YOU? HE'LL TAKE MY GIANTS, THAT'S WHAT HE'LL DO. Many creative imaginations will make fun cadences for children to reinforce their learning today.


Let children use flannel graph figures or themselves to do a skit while the teacher is telling today's story over a few times. Children could also draw all the figures from today's story on a chalkboard as the teacher or another child tells the story - such as the giant, David, the slingshot, the stones, the stream, the shepherd's bag, etc! The teacher could have the children make a story booklet, as well, with figures from today's lesson, which would be fun for children to open their colorful picture book and tell today's story about each item!


David and Goliath (Tune: He Is Able to Deliver Thee); Only a Boy Named David


Children could be given a little bag of rock candy, or raisinettes (that would look like little rocks), etc

Song: "David and Goliath"

Words and music (pdf)

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