Do the Right Thing
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Do the Right Thing"

Scripture Reading: Luke 16:1-13

MONOPOLY MONEY RELAY: Divide the children into teams. Tell the children to take turns in their teams to first run to the table at the other side of the room and find a $1 bill and run back to the team. The next player will run and find the $5 bill. The next player will run to find a $10 bill, and continue to play until everyone on the team has a chance to run for a bill in the correct order.

MONEY RUN: Before class, the teacher can purchase very inexpensive play money and hide around a designated area. The children can hunt for one "bill" at a time - run back to the poster board and put the "bill" in a way as to form the word HONESTY after all the bills have been found and collected.

HONESTY DOOR KNOB HANGER: Give the children foam door knob hangers to decorate with stickers and permanent markers with the word HONESTY, writing today's Bible verse on the door knob hanger as well!

HONESTY KEY CHAIN: Give the children a chenille wire or an inexpensive key chain to hang "honesty circles" from to remind children the "keys to being honest". Give children round circles to decorate and write words to remind them to be honest, for example: honesty in school, with friends, with family, with teachers, etc. Hole punch the circles and hang them on the key chain.

BULLETIN BOARD: Children will work together as a class or in teams to make an HONESTY bulletin board with pictures and words from our lesson today to remind the class to be honest. Children can take turns in asking each other about situations in which they need to be honest.

MONEY BAG: Provide the children with felt pieces to "sew" together with non-sharp plastic needles and yarn with some extra yarn to PULL the top of the bag together. Give children pretend money coins to place in the bag as children are encouraged and allowed to COUNT the number of coins for their own bag, as the teacher directs. Remind children to be HONEST. One slip of paper with today's Bible verse can be given to children to place inside their money bag.

HONESTY ACROSTIC: Write H-O-N-E-S-T-Y down the left side of a poster board and encourage children to write words to help them be honest in every day life situations.

HONESTY TREE: Give the children various colors of construction paper to cut out different shapes and sizes of paper and glue onto another piece of paper to form a tree and many leaves. Children can write honesty ideas on each of the tree leaves after the tree and leaves are glued to the piece of construction paper.

HONESTY PLATE: Give each child a paper plate. The children will tape or glue colorful autumn leaves (real or cut out from construction paper) around the edges of the plate and write HONESTY in the middle of the plate with the Bible verse from today written on the leaves around the plate or in the middle of the plate, as desired!

SNACK TIME: Tell the children they can each reach into a bag and take out only TWO small pieces of candy... and to BE HONEST!!

Song: "O Be Careful Little Eyes what You See" - Author Unknown

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Song: "This Little Light of Mine" - Author Unknown

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