Don't Bury Your Talent
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Don't Bury Your Talent"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 25:14-30


Divide the children into teams and provide frisbees for each team to fly in different areas. Let the children take turns running after their own team's frisbees and flying back and forth to team mates if space allows. This can be played as various types of relays as well!


The teacher will hide small frisbees around a designated area. The children will take turns finding ONE frisbee and bringing it back to the classroom table. After all the frisbees have been found, the children will put the frisbees in order according to what word or words that the teacher has taped on each frisbee from the first sentence of today's key verse. (Matthew 25:29) If time allows and the teacher desires to practice reciting, the children could toss the frisbees once again into an open area, find the frisbees again and put in order for today's Bible verse.


Give each child some play money and let them see how WISELY they can use that money to purchase items from the teacher's STORE, buying such items as little candies, pencils, paper, colors, stickers, etc.


Let the children find items that the teacher has hidden around the room. The items should be ones that would help them in a profession. (For example: a nurse or doctor, a fireman, a policeman, a carpenter, a school teacher, etc.) Tell today's story about the talents that GOD has given us to BUILD His Kingdom.


Let the children cut out a traced circle to represent a frisbee. Let the children color and decorate their frisbee and write words from today's Bible lesson. Give the children small pieces of play money to tape on their frisbee. The children will then hang the "frisbee" around child's neck with string or yarn and wear it as a necklace.


Have the children cut out a large circle or draw a circle on a piece of construction paper. Provide the children with markers and let them draw hands, feet, face, hair, etc to make a "frisbee kid". Cut out the artwork and hang on the classroom door or walls. Encourage the children to write today's Bible verse or words from today's lesson on their frisbee kid!


Give the children small boxes to wrap after choosing a small gift that the teacher will provide and placing it into the box. Wrap the box and tell the children that God wants us to USE our gifts for HIM to help others and to build up His Kingdom! Children can take the wrapped gift to give away to someone to share God's Love. Gifts for the children to wrap and then share with someone else, could include Bible pens, a Gospel tract, a mini copy of Gospel of John, some stickers, or other small items found at a Christian bookstore.


Give the children an index card and tell them to draw a picture and write a talent that they may have. Then children can then hide their card for another classmates to find. When their "talent cards" are all found, the children will form a circle and discuss their talents that they could use for God.


Let the children do a skit of today's lesson, with the talents, the wealthy man, 3 servants, etc. As the teacher narrates the story, the children can act out the lesson! If children are older and can read, the teacher can give them their own part to read.


The teacher can put some snacks in several different frisbees around the room. The children can go to each frisbee and take one snack out of each "snack frisbee".

Song: "Praise Him, All Ye Little Children"

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Song: "What a Mighty God We Serve"

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