Eye Witness Group
Group Activities

Interactive Group Activities
by Carol Williams & Charles Kirkpatrick

Sermon Title: "God's Eyewitness News"

Scripture Reading: John 1:29-34

WITNESS BANNER: Make a banner using long white paper. Write in bold colored letters JESUS WITNESSESS. Decorate it with drawings of the birth of Jesus, his baptism, etc. Add glitter on the outside. Tape it to the classroom door.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO AND SAY?: Create different scenarios in which Jesus would act. Then ask the children to tell to what they think Jesus would do and say. (Someone is being bullied, a girl has lost her doll, a woman is giving a muffin to a homeless person, a boy fell from his bike, someone is giving a Bible to an older man, a child is in the hospital, etc.

"I SAW HIM" Game: Give the children ideas of an activity to perform for the other children and when they have finished, the other children will say, "I saw him/her skip" or "I saw him/her clap", etc. Let children know that in today's lesson we are going to find out what John the Baptist saw and what he told others about Jesus.

EYEWITNESS SKIT: Let the children play act the above game and let one of the children be an announcer giving the class an EYEWITNESS report of what the child is doing. Children will enjoy using a microphone and pretending to be a reporter. Have a discussion about today's lesson and talk about sharing OUR witness with others about what Jesus means to us.

CLOUD AND DOVE ART: Allow the children to draw a cloud and add tufts of cotton and pictures or stickers of doves. Write “I saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him." John 1:32 on the cloud or around the edges of the poster.

EYEWITNESS VIDEO: Use a smartphone to make a video. Have the children give a description of some event they have seen. Encourage the children to give as many details of the event as possible. After they have finished this project, have the children to tell something they know about JESUS and to share as many details about what they have "witnessed" about JESUS in their lives. (He loves us; He takes care of us; He heals us; He protects us, etc.)

EYEWITNESS SNACK: Have a variety snacks in a bag. Each child will reach in the bag and choose a snack, describe it, and tell everything they know about the snack that they picked.

Song:  "Stop! and Let Me Tell You" - Unknown

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Song:  "I Love to Tell the Story " - Katherine Hankey & William G. Fischer

Song Sheet (PDF) - Music and lyrics

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