Fanfare for a King
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Fanfare for a King"

Scripture Reading: Luke 3:1-6


Divide the children into two teams to run a relay race. The children will run to the teacher or a designated leader one at a time and say "KING ME." A paper crown will be placed on the child's head and the child will then go back to the group and sit down. Then the next player will come until everyone on the team has been crowned and is sitting to listen to today's Bible lesson.


This game is played similar to HIDE and SEEK. The teacher will hide a crown and the children must find it! The teacher can say "HOT" or "COLD" to let them know if they're getting closer or farther away from the crown. The children will expect the crown to be big and standing up, but the teacher could have it be cut from a piece of paper or cardboard and folded for hiding under or between something, as well. If the crown is found, the teacher could hide it once again as the children cover their eyes.


The children can take the crown that the teacher gave them on our first activity today and decorate their crown with glitter, sequins and colored markers. Have them write words from today's Bible verses on their crown.


The teacher will have a crown cut out and placed on the wall. Let the children to take turns writing words from today's Bible verse on the crown. Then the group will recite the Bible verse.


Provide the children with empty long paper towel rolls. The children will wrap them with shiny silver or gold paper. The Children will then march around a designated area and blow their "trumpets" to announce the good news of Jesus's birth. They can speak words from today's lesson or sing songs.


Give the children a piece of felt or other material to create a flag or banner. They will decorate their flags with fabric pens or paints, using words such as JESUS THE KING, or CELEBRATING JESUS. A thin wooden dowel can be glued or taped to the flag so that they can wave it.


The children can take their decorated crowns and flags and march to some Christmas music that has the word KING, to celebrate Jesus' birth! ("Joy to the World" would be a good one.) Tell them to raise their flags HIGH and to sing to the KING and to stand tall and Kingly!!


Sing CHRISTMAS SONGS with the word KING or Jesus' birthday in the words of the song. Each time the word KING or birthday appear, the children can raise their flags and wave, or blow their trumpets! (Tell children that trumpets let out BIG sounds for this special celebration!)


A CHRISTMAS TREE (triangular shaped) cake, with toothpick flags that the teacher has prepared before class time, and candles (if desired) for the children to blow out. As the cake is eaten or as candles are blown out, let the children tell something that THEY would like to give to Jesus for HIS birthday celebration. Let the children know that the best gift of all is to give him your heart.

Song: "Prepare the Way of the Lord"

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano accompaniment Track (right click to save to your computer)