Father's Day
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A Father's Wisdom" and "The Three B's"

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 4:1


Give children a small fishing pole or a stick with a line and magnet at the end of the fishing line that children can hang over a half wall and the magnet on the end can attach to some item on a paper clip as the child will "catch" a fish. Each cut out paper "fish" will have an item named on that fish that the children can go to the teacher and "claim" their surprise, such as some piece of small candy, pencil, small toy, etc. If teacher desires, all the fish surprises can be Bible based such as Christian book mark, small book, pin, mini Bible, etc.


Let children use inexpensive plastic golf clubs and work in teams as a relay race, if desired, to get their plastic golf balls into a certain spot that the teacher designates or into a hole in the ground. If children play in teams, then each team player can take a turn at moving their golf ball to the hole and then bring the ball back to the next team player.


Play this game like SIMON SAYS and let a leader tell the children things to do, but children will only do what is asked if FATHER SAYS!! FATHER SAYS to tie your shoes, FATHER SAYS to pat your head, Jump up and down (opps.. FATHER DIDN"T SAY SO!)


Gather twigs for children to place in a square form and tie the 4 corners together with string or yarn. Let children color a picture of themselves and write I LOVE YOU DAD, or THANK YOU DAD, etc and glue the paper behind the twig frame to give to the child's father or grand father.


Give children construction paper to cut out large traced heart. Let children draw and cut out a tie that will be the length of the heart from top to bottom and tape the tie to the middle and top of the heart. Let children decorate the tie and write words of love to their father, uncle, grandfather, etc. Children can write their own names and I LOVE YOU underneath the tie that has been taped to the top of the heart. Children can give this tie card to their special someone for Father's Day.


Each child can be given a piece of construction and 10 numbers that are sticker numbers (can be found near a scrapbooking section of any store) for children to put a 10 at the top left side of paper, a 9 under that and continue down to number 1 sticker. Then children can write 10 special things about their father or another man who is very special to them. Children can decorate the edges of their poster list and give as a special card.


Give each child a piece of colorful poster board and some markers to decorate with special words about dad and title, KEYS TO A GREAT DAD (or Grandpa, or Special Uncle, etc) and then let children stick little "self stick" hangers to their poster board. Retail stores will have many of these for a low price. Let children decorate with happy face stickers or other positive reinforcement stickers such as GOOD JOB, GREAT, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, etc.


Children can be given supplies to make a small booklet of pages to thank dad for special things. If children desire, tools can be cut out and a different thank you written on each tool, such as a hammer, saw, nails, etc and each tool could be glued onto a page in the booklet and then given to dad after decorating and coloring!


Each child could be given a very large sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie to cover with frosting. Children can place a very inexpensive pair of plastic sunglasses on the cookie and use string licorice, etc for the mouth. Give cookie to their dad or someone special.


Let children sing words about Father to the tune of a song that they enjoy singing or to make up simple phrases or today's Bible verse and sing their own tunes. Children can divide into groups and practice for a couple of minutes and then share with the rest of the class! Make sure to have a tape recorder handy, teachers!!


PUDDING IN A CUP snack would be delicious if children would like to put some pudding of their choice into a small styrofoam cup and sprinkle oreo cookie crumbs on top and a gummy worm, etc. Children could enjoy eating their own pudding cup and then also placing a lid on top and bringing it to their Father.